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Peel and Stick

This product is used to seal roof joints (seams) and tears, copings; flashings, skylights; gutters, etc. Perfect for repairing and restoring roofs of residential and commercial buildings, mobile homes & RVs.

Bonds to a wide range of surfaces including difficult roof materials such as: EPDM, TPO, most PVC, SBS, APP, BURs, metal roofs, tiles, shingle, aluminum, galvanized steel, wood, propylene, polystyrene, fiberglass, brick, concrete, masonry, OSB, etc.

Paintable Seam Tape is used as part of the waterproof system with Liquid Rubber Coatings.





Customer Reviews

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Tia Clark

Seam Tape

Michael Stewart
Sticks Good!!

Easy to apply and sticks like crazy.

excellent product, customer service, delivery

excellent product, customer service, delivery. remember that surface MUST be clean and dry. adhesive is max.

Michael Hefftner
Stickiest tape in the world

Stickiest tape in the worldHaven’t finished the project yet but really hoping that everything will last as long as they say it will

Steven Oliver
Products I used.

The tape seemed fine. I needed more and found what appeared to be identical under another name at local store.
The Primer is crazy. It would most likely seal ANYTHING you needed to. You should sell this stuff to the military to use as human fly paper.
The rubber itself also seemed to work very well. Only time will be able to tell me 100%.


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