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Are you looking to offer your customers new alternatives, green product options and diversify your revenue stream?

  • At Liquid Rubber we have been developing products for over 15 years to help set you apart from the competition.
  • Some of your solutions include: Instant Set Spray Applied Membranes; No VOC's Solvents; Solar Reflective Coatings; Corrosion Control; Elastomeric Coatings.
  • We are committed to manufacturing and supplying the best quality products and coating systems. As well as providing support, training, sale leads, samples and case studies.
  • Applicators must be committed to proper and successful application of our products and must satisfy a number of requirements. They must provide us with reference that demonstrate their capabilities, agree to any training requirements deemed necessary, provide proof of insurance, certify that they are properly licensed, and must provide credit references that demonstrate financial stability. They must also agree to provide a warranty to the building owner that covers their workmanship on their installations for a minimum of two years after completion.

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