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Concrete Sealing


Projects Include

  • Wooden Decks
  • Landscape Borders
  • Exposed Aggregate Finishes
  • Unsealed Colored Concrete on Porches/Walkways
  • Unsealed Stamped Concrete on Porches/Walkways
  • Unsealed Concrete Pavers
  • Brick and Cinder Block



  1. Test an inconspicuous area for discoloration prior to full application
  2. Ensure a clean, dry surface
  3. Wood - Clean with Liquid Rubber Patio and Deck Cleaner
  4. Concrete - Clean with Liquid Rubber Concrete Etch
  5. Power wash to ensure a clean surface.  Allow to fully dry
  6. Apply an even coat by brush, roller or sprayer
  7. Apply next coat when dry to touch
  8. Wipe roof with acetone as a final surface clean on EPDM Roofs
  9. Read full Application Guideline in Documents below
  10. See Products Used below



  • Dust or dirt can cause loss of adhesion
  • Apply next heavy coat as soon as possible when product is dry to touch and nothing is wet underneath
  • Use up all required material to ensure a long lasting membrane
  • Avoid hot, direct, intense sunlight during application
  • Apply above 10C/50F and rising
  • Curing time depends on temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Remove painter's tape while coating is still wet
  • Do not apply if dew or rain is forecast



  • Approximately 150 sq.ft. - 300 sq.ft. per 1G (3.78L). Depending on porosity and profile