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Decks and Docks - Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck and Dock Coating

Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Deck & Dock Coating is a brush, roll and spray high-performance; polyurethane, elastomeric coating that provides a hard, durable; waterproof surface. The cured membrane has excellent solar reflectivity and UV stability.

Applicable for deck boards, plywood and concrete.

Smooth and Textured options available.

Up to 10 times stronger than regular deck and dock coatings.


  1. Ensure a clean, dry surface. Use Liquid Rubber Deck & Patio Cleaner for wood or Liquid Rubber Concrete Etch for Concrete
  2. Use 1 coat of Multi-Purpose Primer.  Apply Liquid Rubber Polyurethane Coating when Primer is dry - tack free (up to 6 hrs) and within 24 hrs.
  3. Depending on application, apply 2-4 heavy coats. 
  4. COVERAGE - Apply minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 40 sq ft (3.7 sq m). It should require around 3-4 heavy coats.  High traffic areas require 1 gallon per 30 sq ft (2.8 sq m). 

 Deck Boards

-Apply a minimum of two heavy coats


-Apply a minimum of 3-4 heavy coats

Textured Surfaces

-Apply a minimum of two heavy coats of Textured and then two heavy coats of Smooth

See below for products used


  • Dust or dirt can cause loss of adhesion
  • Smooth applied by a roller or brush and can be sprayed with a good quality Paint Sprayer  
  • Textured can be applied by a brush or textured roller and can be sprayed with a Textured Hopper
  • Brush products between deck boards
  • Apply the next heavy coat when the product is dry to the touch and nothing is wet underneath.  Tacky is ok
  • Apply material until you use up the required amount
  • ​Apply above 10C (​50F)
  • Curing time depends on temperature, humidity and airflow
  • Do not apply later in the day if Dew is forecast
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