Protect Your Everlasting Family Memories

Any recreational vehicle gives you the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. From traveling across the country to going camping for the weekend, your RV is the sanctuary that allows you to have a home away from home.

Yet RVs are notorious for leaks, and those leaks can quickly ruin a family vacation...and the lifelong mental souvenirs that were supposed to come with it. Liquid Rubber’s RV Roof Coating never lets another leak steal away those precious memories.

Keeping Your Family Safe, Cool, and Happy

The RV’s biggest strength is the potential for it to deliver you and your family on unforgettable journeys. Unfortunately, the RV also has a weakness. Vents, skylights, tears, and more leave the RV vulnerable to leaks and overheating that can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare.

With Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating, those vulnerabilities disappear. It cures into a waterproof membrane, giving your vehicle the armor it needs to deliver you and your family safely to and from your destination.

And this solar reflective and UV resistant coating keeps your RV cool, meaning you’ll be comfortable throughout your entire journey.

Eliminates the Costly Repair Services Keeping You From Your Next Vacation

Delivering the highest quality possible is what drives Liquid Rubber because it serves as the gateway to our customers’ happiness.

When it comes to our RV Roof Coating, some of that happiness comes from helping you avoid those costly repairs that normally accompany any recreational vehicle.

This environmentally friendly coating keeps your RV from falling victim to the perils of leaks, and DIY application means virtually


  1. Ensure a clean, dry surface - Liquid Rubber RV Roof Cleaner
  2. Use acetone as a conditioner on EPDM Roofs
  3. Use EPDM Primer on EPDM Roofs and Multi-Purpose Primer on Fiberglass, aluminum, and wood Roofs
  4. We do not currently have a primer for TPO roofs
  5. EPDM is a rubber sheet membrane, TPO is a plastic sheet membrane
  6. Bridge joints, seams, vents, skylights etc., with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape
  7. Apply Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating
      - Apply a minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 50 sq ft (4.65 sq/m). It should require around 2-3 heavy coats.
      - 1 x 5gallon pail of RV Roof Coating will coat RV's up to 30 feet. Be sure to use up all material.
  9. For larger areas, you can pour out and roll around
  10. Apply the next heavy coat when the product is dry to the touch and nothing is wet underneath.  Tacky is ok
  11. Use all material up for final membrane
  12. Avoid hot, direct, intense sunlight during application
  13. Apply above 10C
  14. Remove painters tape while still wet
  15. Do not apply later in the day if Dew is forecast
  16. Click for Full Application Guideline
  17. See below for products used 


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