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Liquid Rubber Paint Stripper

Liquid Rubber Paint Stripper

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Smart Strip Plus

  • Safe ready to use product for removing water based, oil based, solid or semi-translucent stain and paint from exterior wood surfaces
  • Can be used on siding, decks, fences and furniture
  • Non-corrosive and does not contain methylene, cholrine or sodium hydroxide which are hazardous
  • Gel formula which clings to vertical surfaces
  • Let Smart Strip Plus do the hard work so you don't have to


    1. Cover plants and shrubs or wet thoroughly with water.  Cover any areas you do not want to strip.  Surface temperature should not be above 20C (68F).  Do not dilute with water
    2. Shake well before use.  Thoroughly wet area to be stripped
    3. Apply a thick uniform coat of Liquid Rubber Smart Strip Plus using a garden sprayer or spray bottle.  Allow solution to remain on surface 30-60 minutes.  DO NOT allow product to dry on surface.  Re-apply if surface begins to dry.
    4. Scrub a small section to determine if paint or stain is lifting.  When coating begins to lift, scrub using a stiff bristle broom or scraper.  Do not use a wire brush.  A second application may be necessary for multiple layers.
    5. Rinse thoroughly using a pressure washer or a garden hose.  Rinse adjacent surfaces.  If mildew is present, treat with Liquid Rubber Deck & Patio Cleaner to brighten wood.
    6. Clean tools with water


      • Final coverage

        Approximately 75 sq.ft. (7 sq.m.) - 160 sq.ft. (15 sq.m.) per 1G (3.78L).

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