MetalSafe Sealant

Original Black

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Flexible Corrosion Coating

  • Ultra high corrosion protection
  • Can be applied directly over lightly rusted surfaces
  • Creates a long lasting waterproof membrane
  • Excellent adhesion, chemical and UV resistance
  • Resists cracking, chipping, impact and abrasion
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Withstands extreme hot and cold environments
  • Easy to apply -roller or brush & spray equipment
  • Available in BLACK ONLY


For flat and ponding surfaces - final membrane approx. 20 ft2 (1.85m2) per G (3.78L)
For vertical surfaces - final membrane approx. 30 ft2 (2.8m2) per G (3.78L)


  • Avoid hot, direct sun when applying: mornings and evenings are best.
  • Product stays soft, flexible and may have some tackiness, not meant as a walking surface.
  • You can re-coat when it's dry to touch making sure there's no uncured material underneath.
  • Apply material until you use up the required amount.

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