Liquid Rubber Multi-Purpose Primer



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  • High performance bonding agent
  • Improves adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Reduces peeling, flaking and vapor drive from substrate
  • Single component
  • Water based, no solvent's and low VOC's
  • Applied with a roller, brush or spraying equipment
  • Ensure a clean, dry surface before applying
  • Performs best on wood and concrete
  • Apply 1-2 coats depending on surface
  • Apply top coat within 24 hrs and when tack free
  • Do not apply later in the day if Dew is forecast



  • Apply a minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 175 - 200 sq ft (18.58 sq/m). 





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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Dennis Beaman
Difficult to apply

I expected the primer to be thicker than water so that it could be applied to the top of an RV without running down the sides. It can not be removed easily after it dries on the side of your RV

Hello Mr. Beaman, we are very sorry to hear that you experienced a problem with your application. The primer has a thin consistency which allows for a large coverage area. Masking areas that are not to receive primer or coating is recommended and will allow for some drips. Any material applied to wrong areas should be removed while it is still wet with rags, soap and water.

Ranzie Morris
Very Good!

Really like the product. The answer to my water problems. We’ll how it holds up. So far I really like it!

David Marker
More Uses Than Talked About

This product is unique in that it adheres well to low surface energy plastics. It also loves wood fibers. I haven't tried jute yet. But I would imagine it would play nice with it as well. I plan on testing it with Jute rope. Soak it and squeeze out the excess, then hang the rope so that it hangs like a half circle. Create a small dome tent using the rope as the frame. Just an idea.

Kenneth Palmer

Fabulous people and product Tim especially!

Dean Ericson

I love every product that I have used from your company.


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